Important Information About School Cancellation/Urgent Notices from AVRSB

Alert Messaging System Update: Check Your Contact Preferences The Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education (AVRCE) uses the “Alert” messaging system in PowerSchool to send occasional texts and emails to notify parents/guardians of school cancellations (snow days) and other important information. Our school uses the Alert system to send texts, emails and recorded phone messages for Special Events, Attendance, Reminders, etc]. The Alert system uses the contact information you provide on your child’s registration form to send messages. Parents/guardians do not need to sign up to receive these Alert messages. If your phone number, email or other contact information changes at any time during the school year, please let the school office staff know. Over the summer, the Alert system was updated, which reset all parent/guardian contact preferences. This reset means that all parents/guardians will receive emails, texts and phone messages from the school, as well as emails and texts (including school cancellation notices) from AVRCE, unless you change your contact preferences. Carrying your contact preferences forward during this update was not an option available to us. If you changed your contact preferences in the past, or would like to do so for the first time (for example, to receive only texts but no email or phone messages), you will need to update your preferences using the PowerSchool Parent Portal (, or by speaking with the school office staff. Please be aware that choosing to receive no messages may prevent you from getting school cancellation notices! AVRCE also provides a secondary notice service, Notify Me, so school community members (such as grandparents and childcare providers) can sign up to receive school cancellation notices by text or email. Notify Me has not been reset; all subscribers from previous years remains in this system. School community members can unsubscribe from Notify Me at

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