Student Government 2018-2019

Co-Prime Minister - Chloe Coombs and Emma Hickey

Deputy Prime Minister - Mackenzie West

Minister of Spirit and Events - Madison Ross

Minister of Sports and Recreation - Owen Kinsman

Secretary - Olivia Crooks

Minister of Finance - Chloe Coombs

Assistant Minister of Finance - Sophia Clarke

Minister of Communications - Maggie Sarsfield

Minister of Technology - Haley Cross



Staff Advisors:

Mr Shaun Kelley                   E-mail:

Mr Lloyd Boutilier                 E-mail:

Ms Coralee Smith                 E-mail:


Students’ Government Constitution

Central Kings Rural High School


Article I: Name

This organization shall be called the Central Kings Student Government, hereinafter referred to as Student Government.


Article II: Purpose

The purpose of the Student Government shall be:

1. to support worthy student projects, talents, and social activities.

2. to manage/provide financial support for those activities.

3. to relate the concerns of the student body to the school administration when necessary.

4. to provide recognition for those who participate in school activities.

5. to promote the school in a positive manner within the community.


Article III: Student Body

The student body shall consist of all students of Central Kings. Members in good standing include those who have paid their student fee. All members in good standing of the student body shall be issued a student ID card.


Article IV: Fees

A fee may be levied to assist in meeting financial commitments made by the Student Government.


Article V: Student Government Members

A. The Student Government shall consist of both elected and non-elected members.

B. Elected members shall include an Executive, namely

1. Prime Minister                6. Minister of Sports & Recreation

2. Deputy Prime Minister            7. Minister of Technology

3. Minister of Finance                8. Minister of Communications

4. Assistant Minister of Finance        9. Secretary

5. Minister of Spirit & Events

C. Non-elected members can include members of the following committees:

1. Dance Committee                3. Sports and Recreation Committee

2. Spirit Committee                4. Social Events Committee(s)

* Committee chairs will consist of the Ministers responsible for that department.

D. Non-elected positions may be created, dissolved or modified each year by the Student Government, in consultation with the Staff Advisor(s).

E. It is understood that the term of office for all Student Government members, regardless of when they were chosen, is from September to June of the current school year.

F. All Student Government members must meet Central Kings’ eligibility requirements for extra-curricular activities.

G. Students must be in good academic standing (consistent with past performance).


Article VI: Operation and Supervision of Student Government

It is understood that the formation and operation of Student Government each year, including all decisions and financial transactions, occur under the authority of and at the pleasure of the Principal, who may choose one or more Staff Advisors to serve as overseers.


Article VII: Meetings

A. Student Government shall hold regular meetings weekly. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive and/or Staff Advisor(s).

B. Minutes of all Student Government meetings shall be posted outside the Student Government office and on the Student Government website following their approval. A copy shall also be forwarded to the Principal.

D. A record of attendance for Student Government meetings shall be included in the Secretary’s minutes of said meetings.

E. For votes to be conducted at least 5 members of the Student Government must be present at the meeting.

F. Any Student Government representative who – without an acceptable excuse – misses two (2) consecutive meetings or three (3) meetings during the school year must step down and allow a new representative to be chosen. In the event of exceptional circumstances, Student Government may choose to waive this policy.

G. Any Student Government representative who is not fulfilling the duties of their office may be removed and replaced by a new representative.

H. Chairs shall promote and hold meetings of their committees as needed throughout the year in order to fulfill their mandates.


Article VIII: Use of Student Government Assets

A. Should any other group or entity, including but not limited to teaching staff, students and administrators, other than the Student Government itself, want to have access to an asset held by the Student Government, it must be approved by the Executive through a majority vote. Adequate notice will need to be given so that it can be discussed and voted on prior to the date of interest

B. If the vote pass, the whereabouts, and condition, of the asset being borrowed must be documented by being “signed out” when taken as well as “signed in” when returned.


Article IX: Points System

Student Government shall assist with and support a Points System to recognize participation in extra-curricular activities by members of the Student Body.


Article X: Selection of Student Government Members

A. Executive

1. Except for the position of Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Technology, Student Government positions shall be elected each school year by a majority vote of the Student Body from grades 9 to 11.

2. The current Deputy Prime Minister will become Prime Minister the following year provided he/she has performed his/her duties satisfactorily. In the event that a Deputy Prime Minister is unable to serve as Prime Minister for the following year, the Prime Minister position will also be up for election.

3. The current Assistant Minister of Finance will become Minister of Finance the following year provided he/she has performed his/her duties satisfactorily. In the event that an Assistant Minister of Finance is unable to serve as Minister of Finance for the following year, the Minister of Finance position will also be up for election.

4. Due to the unique nature of the Minister of Technology’s role and the required skill set, it shall be filled through an appointment process. The appointment process will be led by the Staff Advisor(s) who will seek input from the staff co-ordinator for the Tech Crew as well as the sitting Prime Minister.

5. Elections for Executive positions shall be held in the spring of the school year prior to the term of office.

6. Any Student Government position which is unfilled in June shall be advertised and filled by application before the end of June.  

B. Committees

1. Committees will consist of volunteers who wish to participate in Student Government but are not elected members.

2. A committee member may be removed from a committee by the Student Government if they do not fulfill their duties. This will occur by a majority vote.


Article XI: Crest, Colours and Symbol

A. The school colours shall be Kelly green, white, and black.

B. The school symbol shall be the Gator.


Article XII: Constitutional Amendments

A. Changes to this document may be proposed at a Student Government meeting, followed  by a majority vote. The Student Government will then inform the school of any changes to the constitution as soon as possible.

B. The Student Government elect can meet and make a constitutional change while the current government is still sitting but the change(s) will not take effect until the beginning of that government’s term.


Article XIII: Distribution of Constitution

This Constitution shall be distributed to all Student Government members at the first regular meeting in September. An electronic version shall also be available on the Student Government website. Additional copies shall be on file at the Main Office.



1. Job Descriptions

All Executive and Student Government members are expected to:

· attend their respective meetings        · be diligent in following their job descriptions

· check their email daily            *See Document 1.0 for specific job descriptions.

2. Elections

A. The monitoring and governance of elections shall be the responsibility of the Staff Advisor(s), Prime Minister and the Minister of Spirit & Events (provided no conflict of interest exists).

B. Candidates must comply with a standard list of regulations supplied to them on or before the first day of campaigning. (See Appendix A)

C. Nominations for Student Government offices will occur through applications for nomination. These will be open for approximately one week and staff advisors will determine successful candidates from the applicants.

D. Election day must be scheduled within 10 days after the opening of the campaign.

E. In the course of determining potential candidates for Student Government, good attendance is considered an asset in the past and future.


APPENDIX A: Election Campaign Regulations

1. Signs/posters may be displayed from the first day of the campaign until the last day of the campaign inclusive. (These dates will change from year to year.) All posters/signs are to be taken down no later than 8 AM on election day.

2. Signs/posters/brochures/buttons and any other campaign materials are to be appropriately worded with no negative messages.

3. Signs/posters may be placed in approved spaces only. When in doubt, check with an administrator.

4. Election speeches will take place on the day prior to the election. Each candidate will have 5 minutes to address the student body. The candidate must be a student attending the school at the time of the election. If there is a planned medical appointment on the day of the speeches, a video speech will be presented. This must be prepared and submitted 2 days before the speeches and must follow a time limit set by the advisors. If an unforeseen emergency occurs, the speech will be read by a member of the current Student Government. The unforeseen emergency is based on the judgment of the Student Government. Candidates must meet school eligibility requirements.

6. All online, non-school-based campaigning must be reported to the Staff Advisor(s), Prime Minister and Minister of Spirit & Events for monitoring purposes.

8. Candidates shall observe rules of fair play and positive campaigning practices.

9. Speeches are to be handed into the advisers by the end of recess on the Friday before the speeches. Failure to do this will result in being removed from the ballot.

10. All powerpoint slides are to be received by the Secretary by 3:20 on the Friday before the speeches. Failure to do this will result in being removed from the ballot.


APPENDIX  B: Sample Meeting Agenda

  1. Secretary reviews the previous meeting’s minutes

  2. Minister of Finance gives a financial report Included should be a Lean Machine report given by the Assistant Minister of Finance

  3. Review events that took place since the last meeting or any other business arising from the previous meeting’s minutes.

  4. Discuss upcoming Events or new business

  5. Review commitments that have been made as well as deadlines of when they're to be completed

  6. Adjourn the meeting



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