School Procedures

Non-Smoking Policy

The Nova Scotia Legislation Bill No. 125, "An Act to Protect Young Persons and Other Persons from Tobacco Smoke" came into force on January 1, 2003. The Act specifically states in 5 (1) (b): "No person shall smoke in any enclosed place that is or includes a school, community college or university" and (2): "No person shall smoke on the grounds of a school."

Infractions will result in a five day suspension.

Attendance / Late Arrival

Central Kings believes that the students of our school must conduct themselves in a manner which promotes a proper learning environment and reflects positively upon themselves, their peers, parents, teachers and community. Punctuality and dependability in meeting assigned responsibilities are personal habits which are valued in our society and must be inherent within school policies. In an effort to increase a student's classroom learning and to develop desirable behavior patterns, Central Kings requires that students attend regularly and arrive to classes punctually.

All Central Kings students are expected to maintain regular school attendance and arrive on time for each class unless they are excused with written parental/guardian permission. Written excuses must be provided for all days and/or parts of days missed and for all late arrivals. Should a student arrive late for school, the student is to report immediately to the office.  S/he should provide, at that time, a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian as to the reason for being late.

Parents/guardians are urged to grant permission to miss school or to be late for class for only the very best of reasons. Students should not be excused for reasons such as running errands, sleeping in, working, or other excuses which reduce the importance of attending school. Signed written excuses must indicate the day(s) or class(es) missed.

In order to monitor student attendance and lateness, the following policy is in effect:

1. Middle School students absent from or late for school are required to verify their absence/lateness to their homeroom teacher by a written note within three (3) school days of returning/arriving at school. Failure to comply with the above will result in the skipped or missed time being considered inexcusable. The homeroom teacher will report this information to the Middle School Vice-Principal. The vice-principal will verify the information and then inform each subject teacher that the time missed by the student was inexcusable. The student may serve detention time. Repeated infractions may result in suspension.

2. Senior High students who are absent from or late for school are required to verify their absence/lateness to the main office by a written note upon return. A senior high student is expected to show his/her written excuse to the office. Failure to comply with the above will result in the missed time being considered inexcusable. The student may serve detention time. Repeated infractions may result in suspension.

Sign In

Students who arrive late must check in at the office immediately upon arrival at school with a written excuse or with a parent.

Students in Grade 12 only who have a study first period need not arrive until their class and do not have to bring a note.

Sign out

Students who are planning to leave school during the day must provide a written note from their parent and/or guardian. The student should show this note to their teacher they have when they are leaving and the student will need to bring this note to the office to sign out.  Should a student not have a written excuse, however, then he or she must get permission from the office by telephoning a parent/guardian, in the presence of a secretary or administrator, before leaving school. If the secretary or administrator has spoken to the parent and/or guardian or if the guardian comes into the office, a note will not be required. 

Students in Grade 12 only may sign out when their classes are finished for the day. They must have their own transportation and leave the school immediately.


Guests may visit the school during lunch hour only and MUST sign in at the main office to receive a visitor's pass. Visitors are not to drop in at our school on a regular basis.

Use of Vehicles

Students who bring vehicles to school must observe the following:

  • Park in the student parking area (the parking lot closest to Highway 1), vehicles will be towed, at owner's expense, if parked in an unauthorized area;
  • Drive slowly and carefully at all times and obey all traffic signs;
  • Use the proper entrance and exit driveways;
  • Central Kings is not responsible for any damages to vehicles parked at the school.

Use of Elevator

The elevator is not for the use of the student population under normal circumstances. The elevator may be used for:

  • Wheelchair students;
  • Other students who have physical problems or injuries which make walking difficult;
  • Moving heavy objects from one floor to another.

The area around the elevator doors are to be kept clear at all times. Any students requiring the use of the elevator should check with the main office.

Computer / Internet Policy

Central Kings has several computer labs as well as Internet hookup in classrooms. This will provide your child with a network of information available through the use of a computer and will allow your child the opportunity to reach out to many people to share information and learn new concepts through electronic mail.

Because electronic mail can be forwarded to others or posted on electronic bulletin boards for anyone to read, it is important that these messages not contain profanity, obscenities, sexually explicit material or expressions of bigotry, racism or hatred. Also, they should not contain personal information you would not want any stranger to have such as your full name, address or phone number.

With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility:

The parent responsibility is to read the ethics code and discuss it with your child. Please stress to your child the importance of using only his or her own account number and password and the importance of keeping it a secret from other students. Your child should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES let anyone else use his or her account number or password.

Students will:

  • not misuse their time on the computer or disturb others;
  • not make unauthorized copies of software; give, lend or sell copies of software to others; or install software not licensed by the School Board or approved by the Systems Manager of Central Kings onto Central Kings computers;
  • respect the privacy of other users;
  • not use hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, etc. on the network;
  • not use the network to access or process pornographic material, inappropriate text files or files dangerous to the integrity of the local area network;
  • use network etiquette such as being polite, using only appropriate language, not revealing personal or private information of others or themselves, not send unnecessary mail such as mail to someone sitting in the same computer lab;
  • not have food or drink in the computer labs;
  • understand that violations of the Code of Ethics for Computer Users will be dealt with seriously, potentially resulting in the loss of computer privileges;
  • not download ANY application program or utilities without approval;
  • keep their passwords confidential, as they are responsible for all of their files;
  • report any problems or infraction to the Systems Manager;
  • NOT USE an anonymous e-mail (hotmail, yahoo mail, etc.); e-mail accounts are limited to registered programs (i.e. IMP mail).

The capacity of technologies and the understanding of how technologies are used is constantly expanding. Consequently, no set of written rules can cover all contingencies. Therefore, students and their parents must be aware that if students use a technology made available to them at Central Kings in any way, that in the opinion of the teacher or Systems Manager, represents a threat to the good character of Central Kings, then that student will be denied the privilege of using Central Kings technologies for a period of time deemed appropriate by the teacher and the school administration.


Approximately four dances are held each year. There will be two "end-of-year" dances in June: one for Grades 8 to 11, and the prom for Grade 12. Following are the guidelines and rules for dances at or school:

  • Chaperones, at least six, are required for each dance.
  • Guests may attend dances provided the proper forms are filled out, passed in by the end of the noon break two days prior to the dance, and approved by the administration.
  • Students are responsible for the actions of their invited guests. If a guest causes problems, the student whom invited the guest could also face disciplinary action.
  • Once a student has entered the school, he/she is in for the duration of the dance. If he/she leaves the building, he/she will not be readmitted.
  • All dances are alcohol-/illegal drug-free. Violation of this rule will result in disciplinary actions.

Bus Procedures


Students must know the numbers of their buses, the names of the drivers and the trips on which they normally are scheduled to travel. Parents and/or guardians may contact First Student at 679-1418 to confirm bus stops. Problems related to school bus scheduling should be referred to the school board's transportation department at 538-4600.

Student Behaviour on Buses

The driver of the school bus has the responsibility of maintaining order and discipline on the bus. The driver has an obligation to report any problems or incidents, in writing, to the Bus Supervisor and Principal who will then investigate the incident. If the incident is serious enough, a student's privilege of traveling on the bus may be suspended for a period of time. The Principal will notify the parents / guardians of such a suspension and their rights / responsibilities in the matter. Students are expected to remain seated on the school bus, not make excessive noise, and not indulge in behavior which distracts the driver or is potentially harmful to the safety of other students.

Bus Waiting Procedure

Since some bus runs require more than one trip, students must wait for their bus if they are on second or third trips. Students are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Students have until five minutes to board their bus after dismissal for departure.
  • When outside, students are to wait on the painted walkways.
  • Students are not to crowd moving buses.
  • Students are asked not to crowd and push when getting on the bus.
  • Students are responsible for catching their own buses.


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