Course Selection

Public School Program

The Public School Program (PSP) for Nova Scotia continues to undergo change and revision. New courses are being added to the curriculum while others have been deleted. New locally developed courses distinct to a community or a school are being offered at Central Kings as well as other schools around the province. Changes have been made in the scope of courses required for high school graduation. Such a state of flux can lead to confusion among students and parents, especially at registration time.

Because of these changes the registration process should be a process of consultation and dialogue. It is recommended that parents, guardians, and students review the information provided in this booklet. Students should make course choices that are suited to their abilities, needs, and interests. We would urge all parents and students to carefully read this handbook to avoid mistakes in course selection that could affect the future progress of the student. Don't hesitate to seek advice from school personnel.

Registration Policy

All students will have an announced deadline by which they must register on-line. Students should be careful that the courses are chosen correctly (ie. choose Science 10 and not Science 10 Integree if you want the program in the English language). As well, the student must submit to his/her homeroom teacher a completed "Registration Form" that corresponds to the choices selected. Information regarding the process of registering on-line will be distributed at a later date.

Because of the fact that staffing and course offerings for the upcoming year are based upon the student’s completed registration forms, it is essential that course selections be done with great care. Changes cannot be guaranteed once classes are filled. Changes required because of a failing mark in a particular course must be made at the end of June before leaving for the summer break.

Semestered Courses at the Grade 9-12 Level

At present, Central Kings operates under a system that incorporates a semestered structure. Students in grades 9 to 11 are required to take 8 courses per year – four from September to the end of January and four from February to the end of June. Therefore we are asking that students who will be in Grades 9, 10 and 11 homerooms must register for eight courses along with two alternate choices. It is important that students at these three grade levels be fully scheduled. Grade 12 graduating students are permitted to take a reduced course load based upon the courses completed and graduation/post secondary requirements.

Course Credit System

A credit is awarded in recognition of the successful completion of an approved course. Each course is categorized as one of the following credit types: Advanced - these courses are designed to meet the needs of students who have demonstrated an exceptional degree of academic ability or achievement Academic - these courses are designed for students who expect to enter college, university, or other post-secondary institution; Open - although none of these courses are designed to meet the specific requirements of any post-secondary institution, individual courses may meet entrance requirements of some institutions. Graduation - these courses are designed for students who wish to obtain a graduation diploma with a view to proceeding to employment or some selected area of post-secondary study;

Grade Promotion Policy

It is essential that students understand the homeroom promotion policy at Central Kings. Promotion from one grade level to the next grade level is based upon the number of credits achieved. Once a student is placed in a homeroom in September, he/she will remain in that homeroom for the entire year no matter how many credits may have been achieved during the first semester

  1. Students entering a Grade 10 homeroom must have successfully completed a minimum of 6 credits at the Grade 9 level.
  2. Students entering a Grade 11 homeroom must have successfully completed a minimum of 5 credits at the Grade 10-12 level.
  3. Students entering a Grade 12 homeroom must have successfully completed a minimum of 10 credits at the Grade 10-12 level and are eligible to graduate based upon completed courses to date.

Resource Information

Resource assistance is provided for students experiencing difficulty with the academic curriculum. Depending upon the amount of support required, resource sessions may consist of:

  • a regularly scheduled period,
  • a pull out session from a particular subject,
  • in class support, or
  • a combination of these three forms.

Students must have written recommendation from their current resource teacher to register for resource for the following school year. Students may also receive resource support upon recommendation by their present subject teachers in consultation with the resource teacher. Resource is not a study hall.

Central Kings Counseling Office

The Central Kings Counseling Office is located down the hall across from the music studio. We serve all Central Kings’ students and graduates. We offer academic, personal, and social counseling. Some of the topics discussed are anger management, self-management, career exploration, and study skills. We act as a liaison and network with community agencies and programs.

All students, parents and guardians are encouraged to give us a call should there be any questions or concerns.

School Counsellors

Ms Braun - 538-4705 (Grades 10, 11, 12)

Ms Sewell – 538-4706 (Grades 7, 8, 9)

Availability of Courses Listed

There are many factors that determine whether or not the courses listed in this booklet are offered during the upcoming year. These include staff allocation assigned to Central Kings Rural High School by the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and/or the number of students who enroll for a certain subject area. Therefore, it is essential that students fill out second choice course requests.

Steps to Course Registration

  • Students and parents/guardians are advised to read this handbook thoroughly.
  • Students in Grades 8 and 9 will meet with our counseling department to review the course selection process.
  • Students are to meet with homeroom teachers and complete the registration form.
  • The form is then to be taken home and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • After the selections have been reviewed, students are to register their selections on-line.
  • The completed and signed registration form is to be returned to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible.
  • Students who are currently in Grade 9 and are registering for programs at the Grade 11 level should consult both their teachers and counselors before making such requests.

Options and Opportunities

Options and Opportunities is a program designed to assist students who are seeking alternative options to traditional learning. High school students who participate in the program get hands-on experience in a career academy and increased opportunities for community-based learning such as co-op credits and short-term work placements. The O2 program will be linked to post-secondary education and training and other opportunities such as apprenticeship. O2 builds on initiatives introduced through the Youth Pathways and Transition Strategy. The O2 program components are Community-Based Learning Partnerships, Skills for the Workplace, Integrated Career Education and Planning, Instructional Teaming, Expanded Course Options, Connecting with Families, and Head Start in the Trades. O2 is available for students entering Grade 10. Students must apply and participate, along with their families, in an interview and screening process.

  • Course required through the Options and Opportunity Program
  • Community Based learning 10 (CBL)
  • Career Development 10 and 11
  • CO-OP 11& 12 – 100 hours required per credit

Mathematics Prerequisites

The Department of Education has now given guidelines regarding enrolments in mathematics courses at the graduation, academic, and advanced levels. It is anticipated that approximately 30-40% of grade 10 students will enroll in the graduation-level courses and approximately 60-70% of grade 10 students will enroll in the academic-level courses. It is anticipated that in grades 11-12, 30-40% of students will enroll in graduation level courses, 40-55% of students will enroll in academic level courses, and 10-15% of students will enroll in advanced level courses. Please refer to the chart regarding the variety of pathways in mathematics. The recommended prerequisite marks for Math levels are as follows: Academic Math10 – 75%, Math 10 Plus – between 60% & 70%, Math 10 Foundations – between 50% & 60%.

Suggested pathways through High School mathematics click here

The above pathways should be provided to students and their parents when preparing to register for high school mathematics courses. Exceptions to this guideline should involve careful discussions with the student, his or her parents, guidance counselors, and teachers.

Advanced Placement (ASP) Courses

The ASP courses are programs of advanced studies intended to allow high school students to work at a university entrance level. It is an international program offering standardized exams that allow students, if successful on the exam, to obtain university credits. What are the advantages of such a program?

The opportunity to participate in a challenging program of studies. Placement with highly motivated students with common interests, both in terms of the subject and in their desire for excellence. University credit and increased chances for scholarship. Please refer to the course explanations listed under the Grade 12 courses.


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